Last mile connectivity remains a challenge in developing countries. Businesses need a smart last mile solution that is also secure, reliable, provides investment protection and at the same time, keeps costs low. Serial connections still offer a low cost connectivity option for businesses that generate basic network traffic minus video or voice. Cellular wireless technologies offer a reliable and cost effective way of connecting people and places where wired connectivity is not available. It is growing into a widely used connectivity option especially for small site connectivity such as ATMs, Retail, Gas Stations and the like. However, cellular wireless is often assumed to be a complicated means of providing connectivity due to ever evolving technology and diverse Service Provider configurations. What if your business could connect to the world through any Service Provider in your region from the same network device?

cell towerCisco has always offered best-in-class robust, highly secure and reliable last mile solutions. As the digitization of these emerging countries expands exponentially, it brings with it new requirements and challenges. Cisco is working towards accelerating this process of development of emerging countries by creating optimal products and solutions for these newly evolving requirements.

At Cisco Live Cancun in November we plan to launch a new platform called the ISR 800M Series that does exactly that and much more. Stay tuned for more details as we approach Cisco Live Cancun.

For those of you attending Cisco Live Cancun, be sure to register for session PSORST-2800 to learn more about this exciting new platform. Or visit the Cisco World of Solutions Enterprise Booth.



Kiran Ghodgaonkar

Senior Manager, Enterprise Marketing

Intent-based Networking Group