Digitalization has spawned the mass adoption of many different technologies and operating models. Hybrid cloud adoption is a prime example with more than 82% of the companies we surveyed recently reporting that they are already operating both on-prem and in the cloud. In theory, hybrid clouds offer the promise of agile operations that is elastic, secure, and dynamic.

But in practice, adding new, cloud-delivered elements to an existing on-premises infrastructure mix can raise the level of operational complexity that IT organizations must solve as they progress through their respective cloud journeys. In fact, managing workloads and applications, which are only growing in number and scale, are getting increasingly complex as enterprises go hybrid cloud.

In this podcast, we explore the innovations that IT organizations should consider for enhancing their hybrid cloud operations and delivering a unified cloud experience. This includes strategies and solutions for refreshing their networking infrastructure to keep pace with the demanding requirements of modern workloads and hybrid cloud use cases. Specific topics we cover include:

  • Mainstream adoption of 400G networking to manage the increased traffic within and among data centers and clouds.
  • The growing popularity of agile, as-as-service operations and management models is exemplified by the introduction of Nexus Cloud.
  • How do these solutions enable hybrid cloud use cases that are top-of-mind for IT including risk management, business continuity, visibility, and telemetry?

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Jenine Black

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