Telehealth is an important initiative for healthcare organizations today. It is generally accepted that telehealth deployments can help reduce costs and improve patient services while expanding the geographic footprint of the organization.

Cisco’s robust interoperability, security, and video technology have put us at the forefront of telehealth.  Over the years, our teams have seen a recurring theme of limited deployments in a small handful of areas across healthcare organization.  These limited or siloed deployments typically lack a unifying strategy or architecture to be able to accommodate a telehealth deployment at scale. Cisco can help your organization to establish a vision and architecture strategy for deploying a telehealth program.

This new white paper, Cisco’s Approach to Telehealth, describes how Cisco can help you define:

  • strategic imperatives that your telehealth program will address
  • financial and reimbursement goals
  • revenue and workflow outcomes
  • a go forward strategy for a telehealth platform that can scale to fulfill needs from multiple service lines

Contact us today to learn how Cisco can help you extend your delivery of quality care to whenever and wherever it is needed.

The direct URL for the white paper is http://www.cisco.com/web/strategy/docs/healthcare/cisco-approach-to-telehealth.pdf and more information on Cisco’s Care-at-a-Distance solutions can be found at http://www.cisco.com/web/strategy/healthcare/care_at_a_distance.html.


Jason Mortensen

Global Healthcare Solutions Portfolio Manager

Digital Transformation Group