Powered by the best Cisco technologies (Catalyst, Meraki, Webex, Cisco DNA Spaces),

Smart Workspaces will transform the employee experience forever.

Never since the Industrial Revolution have we seen such a seismic shift in the very definition of ‘going to work’. Commuting to work will need to be justified by workplaces that are more safe, productive, and favorable than remote working. Not the other way around.  The pandemic dramatically accelerated the evolution of digital technologies and workplace transformation is at the epicenter of this metamorphosis. Smart Workspaces, the latest offering from DNA Spaces, is Cisco’s stride in the evolution of the modern workplace. Or as the world now calls it, the hybrid workplace.

Watch the video, Smart Workspaces with Cisco DNA Spaces, to see how you will return to work with Smart Workspaces [laughs guaranteed!]

Cisco Smart Workspaces. Hybrid Work Reimagined.

Cisco Smart Workspaces is built for enterprises that want to provide the next generation of employee experience, safety, and productivity while at the office. It equips facilities, IT, HR, and executive teams with tools to monitor real estate utilization and make improved data-driven decisions to promote space adoption and optimization.

What Cisco Smart Workspaces Delivers

Rich Employee Experiences

Cisco Smart Workspaces transforms flat floor plans into dynamic, interactive, and highly intuitive, 3D maps. Our rich maps can be used in Webex boards and a variety of other digital signages, to provide contextual awareness, easily locate empty meeting rooms, desks, and find important points of interest.

Interactive, dynamic 3D maps for contextual experiences.
Fig #1: Interactive, dynamic 3D maps for contextual experiences.

Safety & Well-being

Employees can now put their safety and well-being first, with access to real-time occupancy and environment updates (indoor air quality, volatile organic compounds, temperature, humidity, noise levels, etc.) across a specific building, floor, or meeting room.

IT and facilities teams can set occupancy limits and get real-time notifications if thresholds are exceeded, to avoid overcrowding and schedule building maintenance efficiently.

Real-time occupancy & air quality alerts to support safety and wellbeing.
Fig #2: Real-time occupancy & air quality alerts to support safety and wellbeing.

Employee Productivity

Every week, 4 in 10 employees spend up to 60 minutes searching for a meeting room. We all can agree that finding an empty meeting room and navigating to it can be a painful process.

Now with Cisco Smart Workspaces, visualize live meeting room and desk availability along with key environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, and noise. Temporarily hold meeting rooms until you get there, with the touch of a button on the digital signage.

Live meeting room and desk availability for a better employee experience.
Fig #3: Live meeting room and desk availability for a better employee experience.

Space Utilization

Ascertain how your workspace is being used and make informed decisions to improve its adoption. Understand utilization patterns to identify underused areas. Discover opportunities to consolidate or reconfigure underutilized space. Run A/B test on your current space to measure the impact of at-location events and layout changes.

The Business Impact

Spend as little as $1 per square foot per year and realize benefits up to $9 per square foot per year* by realizing business outcomes such as:

  • Space Optimization: understand utilization trends to right size real estate and reduce costs
  • Employee Experience & Productivity: Improve employee experience and boost productivity by saving time trying to find meeting rooms
  • Sustainability: realize cost savings by understanding energy utilization on the floor plate
*Assuming all Smart Workspaces use cases have been deployed with recommended hardware

Why trust Cisco to make your Workspaces Smart?

Cisco is the only company that can deliver an end-end hybrid work solution for enterprises, at a global scale and with low TCO. We have a unique technology portfolio with a wide range of products present at every nook and corner of your workspace. Cisco DNA Spaces captures location insights and telemetry from these Cisco products deployed in your buildings. Such as Cisco Catalyst Access Points and Switches, Meraki Access Points & Cameras, Webex Endpoints, third-party Wired and Wireless IoT sensors and Application Partners. Smart Workspaces (powered by Cisco DNA Spaces) combines these insights with a location-aware rich map to enable employee experience, safety, productivity, and space utilization for enterprises.

Powered by the best of Cisco technologies
Fig #4: Powered by the best of Cisco technologies


Availability of Cisco Smart Workspaces’ (Employee Experience Features) will be in May 2022

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