In the stores of tomorrow, phones will replace cashiers. In the fields of tomorrow, connected crops will solve global food challenges. In the factories of tomorrow, connected robots will work together autonomously. This is the near future, and in some cases, these activities have already become reality. However, delivering these innovations and new experiences requires a strong digital foundation. That means connecting people, processes, and things. According to Cisco VNI, 49% of gobal traffic in 2020 will be Wi-Fi based. For a digital organization, digital success is realized or lost at the first line of defense for connecting things and data.

With Cisco® Umbrella Wireless LAN (WLAN), we’re able to combine the power of the network with advanced security—allowing you to thrive in the era of digital transformation.

Cisco Umbrella WLAN, brings the power of Cisco Umbrella to the entire Cisco WLC portfolio (Cisco WLC 2504, 5508, 5520, 8510, and 8540 as well as the Wireless Services Module 2). Comprehensive security coverage across Cisco extensive WLC portfolio is now available with a simple software upgrade to AireOS 8.4

What can Umbrella WLAN do for you?

It’s all about granularity for the Wi-fi network and visibility, as in the identifying the internet threats and their evolution. Umbrella WLAN provides granular enforcement and reporting at SSID, client location, client user role and WLC level. Tailor acceptable use policies at a level that makes sense for your business.

Umbrella WLAN enforces security at the Domain Name System (DNS) layer, which means you can block requests to malicious domains and IPs before a connection is ever made.

Umbrella WLAN learns from Internet activity patterns to uncover and predict threats. The huge volume of DNS requests from millions of users around the world (100+ billion requests per day) that Cisco resolves provides a very diverse data set. Umbrella WLAN applies statistical models to that data set which allows Cisco to identify where current and future attacks are staged on the Internet.

Deploy and Protect in Minutes

Whether you’re seeking to secure the Internet at one hotspot or several thousand, Umbrella WLAN can be deployed quickly and managed easily through a centralized web-based dashboard. The ability to map business functions to policies is easy and intuitive enabling the network to evolve rapidly to changing business needs. Security is enforced without added latency so the end user experience is not impacted.

Umbrella WLAN lets you simply secure your wireless environment by providing a first line of defense for all your users. For more information, visit the Umbrella web page, take a look at the At-A-Glance.


Damodar Banodkar

Technical Marketing Engineer

Cisco's Wireless Networking Group