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You’ve read a lot about Wi-Fi 6E (here, here and here). How about hearing about it?

Join Cisco Principal Wireless Architect Mark Krischer as he hosts a special edition of the Cisco Insiders Series for Networking podcast as he discusses the upcoming technology with two of Cisco’s wireless experts: Technical Leader from the Technical Marketing Engineering team Jim Florwick and Product Marketing Manager David Wolf.

Download the podcast here and start your listening!

Together Florwick and Wolf have decades of experience in the wireless industry making them incredibly knowledgeable about the subject. During the almost 15-minute discussion the duo are eloquent in answering Krischer’s questions about what Wi-Fi 6E is and what the industry can expect from the new technology.

As the podcast progresses, Florwick and Wolf talk a little about the history of the new technology, why it’s here now, what you need to do to get your network ready and also runs down some Wi-Fi 6E use cases. Even if you’re up-to-date on the subject, there’s bound to be more than a few nuggets of information that you can unearth here.

Whether you’re on the treadmill, commuting to work or listening while you’re doing chores around the house; use that time to get more educated about what’s happening in the industry!

To download the podcast, go here.


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Byron Magrane

Product Manager, Marketing