Choice is good. And so is simplicity.

At Cisco, we’ve always prided ourselves on offering network professionals choice. Choice that suits different network sizes, domains, sophistication levels, and industry needs. Sometimes we’ve even been accused – rightly in my view – of providing so much choice that it can be difficult to find the right fit.

Welcome to our “Cisco Networking” portal (www.cisco.com/go/networking) where choice is made simple. Start here and easily navigate across our solutions and products to the ones that are the right fit for your organization.

  • Access solutions? Got that
  • SD-WAN, Data Center and Cloud Networking, Industrial Networking? No problem
  • Small IT team or large? Take your pick
  • On-premises or cloud-managed? Subscriptions, enterprise agreements, or managed services? It’s your choice

Has the purpose of Cisco’s networking portfolio changed?

Not at all. Our portfolio is focused on enabling you to quickly adapt to change, simplify and scale operations, and protect against service degradation and threats. All parts of the portfolio aim to continuously deliver the consistent and secure networking services required to meet your organization’s needs from user to application.

Cisco Networking: a single architecture connecting user to application
Figure 1. Cisco Networking: a single architecture connecting user to application

Cisco Networking focuses on open platforms that deliver network insights and automation: Cisco DNA Center, Cisco Meraki, Cisco vManage, and Cisco Nexus Dashboard. These platforms deliver continuous software innovation across Cisco Catalyst, Cisco Meraki, and Cisco Nexus portfolios through simplified subscription models. This consistency simplifies lifecycle management and provides access to ongoing innovation across all parts of the network. We also offer the Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard for those looking to manage more specialist industrial edge environments,

A clear view of our networking solutions

Part of the driving force behind our portfolio is our focus on simplicity. Splitting up our networking portfolio into just three domains helps us deliver the clarity we strive for.

Networking products organized by domain
Figure 2. Networking products organized by domain

The Cisco Networking portfolio has the breadth and depth to serve the broadest range of networking needs across industries and segments. It spans access, WAN, data center and cloud environments to connect users, devices, applications, and workloads anywhere. And it supports both cloud-based and on-premises management modes.

What now?

I’m excited about how this change harmonizes all our networking technology with our portfolio title. I’d urge you to learn more about Cisco Networking, read the solution overview and bookmark our landing page www.cisco.com/go/networking so you can always be up to date with the latest network innovations.

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