I wanted to share a few fun things that happened / I learned this week and note what’s coming next.

Apologies to Hyperbole & a Half
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1. In the last few days we had a not one but two webinars this week, but you can FIND ALL THE WEBINARS if you want.

2.  We’ve had a few great guest posts recently, too:

3. A funny video on the importance of planing your 802.11ac:

4.  I learned that Bowdin College uses Cisco wifi gear to host a robot soccer championship.  FOLKS, ROBOTS PLAY SOCCER. WE’RE LIVING IN THE FUTURE!

Is the COO or CMO a batter partner for CIOs?5.  Ongoing blog series on research Cisco sponsored on how people view their IT team’s priorities aligning with their own.  This week focused on CMOs and COOs and which one would make a better partner for the CIO.  Hint: it may not be who you think!


6. We’re taking the Internet of Things to Mobile World Congress next week – and will be showing off a connected vending machine and connected cranes in SAP’s booth.

7. We’re also headed to RSAC (Yay!) to spread the word on Cisco Security.  Be sure to check out Chris Young’s keynote on Thursday Feb 27 at 3:00 pm if you’re in SF next week.

8. We have a great online seminar planned with Glue Networks on Wednesday Feb 26.  It should be really good – so go register so you don’t forget about it.  We’ll have some Glue and Cisco experts on-hand to answer any tough questions you may have.



Lauren Friedman

Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networks