Cisco DNA Spaces, together with its ecosystem partners, enables outcomes at scale for customers across multiple industries. Customers can seamlessly discover and activate vertical and use case specific apps in the Partner App Center and find a diverse set of compatible end devices in the IoT Device Marketplace.

We are excited to introduce our new Cisco DNA Spaces App Center Partner series. For today’s feature App Center Partner, we expand on the amazing things that Pointr is doing with Cisco DNA Spaces.

Transforming visitor experience with digital wayfinding and location-based notifications

Pointr is a global leader in the indoor location market. Its AI-fueled Deep Location platform is used by top clients and partners, including Fortune 100 companies, to enable location-based services, location-based marketing and location-based analytics in their venues.

Cisco DNA Spaces & Pointr are revolutionizing the way customers deploy, operate, and maintain indoor wayfinding infrastructure. Customers can instantly unlock Pointr’s Deep Location platform via the Cisco DNA Spaces App Center and leverage Cisco DNA Spaces and Pointr’s indoor location technology to enable great visitor experiences in their venues with accurate positioning, smart wayfinding, digital mapping and even AR. In addition, customers can also improve operational efficiency and increase revenue.

Typically, wayfinding deployments have a high barrier to entry, as they require a costly and time-consuming fingerprinting process to even undertake a single site proof-of-concept (POC) deployment. Pointr was able to stand up a wayfinding POC in a fraction of time thanks to Cisco DNA Spaces’ innovative, low touch solution that utilizes the Firehose API to provide partners like Pointr relevant infrastructure details. By quickly deploying a proof-of-concept, customers can evaluate the solution and make more informed purchasing decisions.

Together, Pointr and Cisco DNA Spaces will enable customer success in IoT solutions including:

  • Hospitals: Improve patient care by guiding patients from their home to the care room with intuitive maps, smooth indoor – outdoor wayfinding and an easy integration to digital health systems.
  • Workplaces: Increase employee engagement with digital wayfinding and location-based notifications. Employees and visitors can now find the closest available meeting room or workstation, share their live location with colleagues and get building updates in real-time. Optimize space utilization with occupancy and congestion analytics.
  • Retailers: Create personalized shopper experiences & in-store analytics for a truly omnichannel experience. Get digital maps of all your retail stores instantly and keep them up-to-date automatically. With indoor navigation, customers and employees easily find the product they’re looking for and get tailored recommendations using their live location.
  • Airports: Develop a seamless passenger experience with intuitive wayfinding, also available in Augmented Reality. With location-based notifications, passengers get real-time updates to reduce queue times and live directions to their gate. Estimate passenger journey times and optimize airport operations with congestion data, occupancy and visitor flow analytics. And more!

Cisco DNA Spaces and Pointr, Innovating Together

The integration with Cisco DNA Spaces allows Pointr to bring innovative features to market at significantly higher scale. The cloud-based connector from Cisco DNA Spaces and Firehose API also provides integrated 24×7 monitoring and support, from the connector through to the Pointr partner application. This leads to ease of deployment, while simplifying maintenance and reducing costs. As a result, Pointr can focus more time on innovating and delivering business relevant use cases.

Pointr would recommend the Cisco DNA Spaces partnership in a heartbeat to any IoT company looking to scale their technology globally!

Indoor location has not been done at high performance and ultra-scale, until now. At Pointr, we ensure top quality accuracy while tapping Cisco’s incredible network for ultra-scale. With DNA Space’s Firehose API, our solution works out of the box, without requiring any additional on-site work. The rich partner API documentation available on the Cisco DNA Spaces portal was particularly useful for us at Pointr as it provided a wealth of information on Cisco’s product features,” said Ege Akpinar, CEO at Pointr.


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