The RSA Insurance Group is a British multinational general insurance company headquartered in London, United Kingdom, operating in more than 140 countries and reaching more than 17 million customers.

Faced with challenges spurred by new trends in their work environment such as BYOD, more geographically dispersed teams and move to the cloud, RSA is using Cisco Unified Access to collaborate better, be more productive and reduce costs. RSA uses Catalyst 3850 Converged Access to truly integrate wired and wireless networks, Cisco Identity Services Engine to uniformly apply policies, and Cisco Prime to manage devices, users and resources in their network. Talking about the benefits of using Converged Access on Catalyst 3850 switches, James Sandell, Group IT Delivery Director at RSA, says “People can only work flexibly with real time presence because the underpinning wifi is rock solid, fast and its seamless to join. We use Cisco Catalyst 3850 switches with IOS XE software and integrated wireless controller and it provides One network, one management and one policy”.

Thousands of customers across the globe in diverse verticals such as finance, healthcare and public sector are using Converged Access to simplify their operations and enhance user experience. Further, since Catalyst 3850, Catalyst 3650 as well as Catalyst 4500E support Converged Access, customers can deploy this capability uniformly across their network, regardless of scale and form factor requirements.

We have saved millions of pounds a year, we have a flexible workspace underpinned by a flexible infrastructure and we could not have done it without a trusted partner like Cisco”, says James Sandell.

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Neelay Thaker

Product Manager

Enterprise Switching