Who doesn’t enjoy a vacation? And not just one day, but – four!

What if there were a cloud service that saved you so much time, you could actually send all of London’s working population on a 4-day vacation?

Well, that’s exactly what Cisco Active Advisor does – save you time and money so you can do just that! Read Pradeep’s post to find out how – Introducing Cisco Active Advisor – A Free Cisco Tool for Your Network.

But more on that later…

A few weeks ago, we received some great feedback from a large CiscoActiveAdvisorInfographicCisco Active Advisor customer. It read:

“This is the most fantastic tool I have found. Amazing!

Great feedback is always great to hear, but what intrigued me most was what followed. It said:

We were going crazy and had spent 1 week on a project that this tool finished in 2 hours.”

No wonder that Active Advisor is a huge time saver. It is a Free cloud-based service that automatically discovers Cisco Enterprise Networking products with no hardware or software installation, and keeps you up-to-date on important  lifecycle information relevant to you, such as:

  • Security Advisories (PSIRTs and Field Notices)
  • Warranty and Contract details and status
  • End of Life and End of Support milestones
  • Feature Usage

Cisco Active Advisor also improves network health and stability by analyzing configurations based on Cisco Verified Designs and providing valuable recommendations*.

All of us at the Cisco Active Advisor team are passionate about bringing value to Cisco’s customers and partners, so obviously we were happy to hear this. But the latter statement made me think –

How much time does Cisco Active Advisor save our customers and partners?

How much time would be saved if everyone used Active Advisor?

And what would you do with all this time?

So we turned our analytic minds on, sprinkled in some creativity, and came up with this Infographic that gives you a glimpse as to just how valuable Cisco Active Advisor really is…

So, please tell us – how much time did Cisco Active Advisor save you? And what did you do with all that time? Give you employees some vacation time? or perhaps you got to that project you never had time to get to… Please tell us! We’d love to know!

Learn more about Cisco Active Advisor, and log in with your cisco.com ID. Or, view this introductory video.

*Available now for Wireless controllers, and coming soon for Cisco Catalyst Switches


Efrat Noy

Product Manager