Tech Field Day Extra is back at Cisco Live Berlin this week – an exciting 2 full days of deep dives, white boarding, Q&A, and lots of fun, geeky, conversation. The Monday sessions will soon be online for playback while the Wednesday sessions of TFDx are some must-watch programming.

I personally love joining Tech Field Day to see the types of questions that get asked. Usually, the delegates in the room (i.e. kickass nerdy bloggers) will very gently ask searing questions of the speakers. We prepare the speakers by telling them they’re stepping into a ring with live tigers.   Additionally, remote folks viewing the livestream will often come up with their own questions, which they tweet at the Delegates (using #TFDx , naturally) and can add some great, unexpected insights.

Many of the topics are on newer solutions, released in the last 12-18 months, and have not been discussed at a Tech Field Day before now.

On Monday we covered ACI, Tetration, the recent Digital Building announcements, and Contiv.  On Wednesday we have HyperFlex, DNA, and a *few* discussions I can’t disclose yet.  But based on the rehearsals we’ve done – it should generate some great conversation.

How Can I Participate?

*Set aside time in your calendar for 9am Wednesday, (midnight PT)*

See it Live: Want to watch from home? Video will be livestreaming on our EN Customer Connection Program Cisco Live Berlin Page and on Tech Field Day’s CLEUR page.

On the Twitters? Use hashtag #TFDx (along with #CLEUR, naturally) and tweet comments & questions in general or ping one of the delegates. Their handles are below:

Or just follow along to see fun things like this:

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Love the cappuccino here at #CLEUR! #TFDx

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