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Today’s guest article is from Vidya Venkat, Product Manager in SRG for the UCS E-Series.  Vidya describes how UCS E-Series helps our customers deploy Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with optimal user experience and performance.

The main branch office trend today, and really for the past 5 years, has been application and infrastructure centralization.  Applications and services have been moving from the branch office to the data center, or the Cloud, and are being delivered over the WAN or the Internet.  As a result, the branch office infrastructure – servers, storage devices, infrastructure software, and other components – are being displaced by much more optimized infrastructure in the data center.

While centralizing all your applications in your data center or on a public cloud increases IT efficiency, it sacrifices availability and responsiveness at your branches. But distributing all applications within each branch increases performance and increases IT complexity and cost. Realistically, enterprises know they must adopt a hybrid approach, centralizing most applications while localizing performance-sensitive, mission-critical applications and network services within the branch.

This lean branch approach still results in IT infrastructure challenges—namely, how can you reduce IT infrastructure cost, footprint and complexity within the branch?

Fortunately Cisco has an answer. Cisco UCS E-Series Servers are the next-generation, power-optimized, general-purpose servers powered by Intel ® Xeon® designed to be deployed in Cisco Integrated Services Routers Generation 2 (ISR G2). The Cisco UCS E-Series Servers extend Cisco’s server portfolio from the datacenter with UCS B and C Series servers to remote and branch offices.  The new servers enable customers to deploy a virtualization-ready compute infrastructure in branch-office environment while maintaining lean branch-office architecture. These price-to-performance optimized, single-socket blade servers balance simplicity, performance, reliability, and power efficiency and are well suited for a multitude of customer and partner solutions and infrastructure services typically deployed in small offices and branch offices.

For more information on the UCS E-Series Servers visit us at www.cisco.com/go/ucse

Learn more about the Cisco UCS E-Series Servers from Anurag Gurtu from Cisco and Rory Clements from VMWare in our Part 4 of the ‘Conquer the Cloud’ webcast series.  They will talk about how UCS E-series along with VMWare plays a role in extending virtualization to the branch along with elements of a lean branch architecture, survivability features to enable business continuity, use cases for both centralized and distributed enterprise environments and architecture design model for lean branches.



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