In the next few weeks we have a couple great webinars coming up, we’ve recently been investing in our community, the Unified Access Challenge was extended until April 26, and the Supervisor 720 Engine for the Catalyst 6500 turned 10 on Sunday!

Webinars: This week we have two webinars – both on Wednesday.

  • 8 am: How Do You Choose a Cloud Services Provider? This is a continuation on the Conquer the Cloud series we did over the summer and goes over the key factors to consider when choosing a cloud service provider as well as the implication that can have on your network design.
  • 10 am: Activate the IT Transformation with Cisco Unified Access  This webinar features guest speaker Mike Spanbauer of Current Analysis (who is pretty darn awesome) and Cisco director Muninder Sambi.  They’ll discuss current industry trends and how Cisco Unified Access can help companies struggling with handling BYOD.

 Borderless Networks Community
Community: While it’s been stagnant for a few years, we’ve started sprucing up the Borderless Networks Community. Over the last few weeks it’s had a light facelift (goal: make it less ugly), we’ve started getting product experts in to answer questions (hint: go ask questions you may have), and have started implementing a system for cataloging webinars. Our eventual goal is to create a one-stop-shop for webinars – both viewing on-demand webinars and registering for upcoming ditto. You may notice that the link for the 10am webinar above leads you to the community. It’s magic!

Ike with boxThe Unified Access Challenge was scheduled to end March 31.  However, due to popular demand (seriously) we’ve extended it until April 26.  If you’ve been lollygagging about, you should go take it.  Actually, if you’re at work now looking for something fun and distracting (that may win you a trip anywhere in the world or an iPad) you should go take the challenge.  It comes in three flavors:  Partner (Only if you’re a Cisco partner) and for everyone else: English, and Spanish.

When my first car – an SUV – turned 10 (then 11, 12, 13…) I used to joke that I was going to bake it a big cake and then run it (the cake) over with the car. I liked the image of my boxy blue SUV obliterating a round pink cake. While I never did this (mustn’t waste cake), I was thinking of it as I posted the Catalyst 6500’s blog this last Sunday. Yes, the Catalyst 6500 blogged again! This time, to commemorate the 10th birthday of the Supervisor 720 Engine – Launched exactly 10 years ago to the day (if you guessed March 31, 2003, you’d be correct). Since I’ve heard networking equipment and frosting don’t work well together, we didn’t bake the Sup720 a cake. Do you have any suggestions on what we should do for its birthday?


Lauren Friedman

Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networks