Still can’t turn on video because it jitters too much? Want to connect to more endpoints without spending a lot of money? Try using a Cisco Catalyst 3850 and 3650 Series switches to provide AVB.

Whether you’re in hospitality, government, enterprise or another industry, Cisco AVB is an ideal solution for crisper video and clear audio. Deploy it into your current audio-video setup: in conference rooms, auditoriums, and more. 

Best of it — It’s the built-in feature in Catalyst 3650/3850, you don’t need to spend extra to have it! 

Audio video (AV) equipment deployments have traditionally been single-purpose, analog, point-to-point connections with one-way links. As AV deployments migrate to digital, they have continued to retain this inflexible point to-point architecture. This dedicated connection model also results in a mass of cabling that is difficult and costly to manage. In contrast, an open-standards based Ethernet infrastructure enables flexibility and transparent interoperability of multi-vendor AV equipment and integration of new services. 

Benefits of Catalyst AVB:

  • Improves quality of experience by delivering low jitter and low latency
  • Helps scale applications across networked deployments, for many-to-many connections.
  • Reduce cable complexity: You’ve seen the results of too much cable: it’s messy, disordered, and nearly impossible to trace to the source. In this case, less is more.

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Yan Ye

Business Development Manager

Enterprise Portfolio, Software, and Campus Switching