SaintCon, held annually in October, is Utah’s premiere security conference. The multi-day event provides security experts with a full schedule of conferences, competitions, and presentations.

DSC_1991 (2)For the last two years, the SaintCon team has deployed wi-fi enabled show badges, and worked with Cisco and the Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) to show how those badges can leverage the location capabilities of the CMX solution.

For this year’s show, the SainCon team used the CMX dashboard to easily map out zones on the show floor based on tracks and conference villages. Then each of the 550 attendees was given a purpose-built wi-fi enabled badge, complete with a 2 ¼ inch LCD screen.

Using the badge’s screen and buttons, the attendee was able to easily scroll through the LCD menus to see the conference schedule, their live hacker challenge score, and the zone they were currently in.

With a single badge, the conference attendees could easily stay up to date on events and understand when and where events were being held.



Daryl Coon

Cisco Customer Solutions Marketing