You heard about the new features packed into Cisco Wireless Release 7.4 before the holidays. We are now unveiling the 7.4 Release for the Mobility Services Engine, and I am excited to announce the General Availability of Cisco Advanced Location Services for the Mobility Services Engine (MSE), a capability that enables Cisco Connected Experiences.

MSECisco Connected Mobile Experiences allows enterprises and service providers to detect, connect and engage their end users on their Wi-Fi network, enabling them to communicate with relevant mobile content. The star feature of our new software release is Cisco Advanced Location Services, which includes Location Analytics and Mobile Concierge. Location Analytics provide real-time location analytics gathered from the Wi-Fi network, alongside historical trends, enabling greater visibility into customer movements and patterns through trending data.

Mobile Concierge allows engaging users through a native app on a smartphone. It also includes the Mobile Concierge SDK, a developer’s kit that provides an easy-to-use approach to developing mobile applications that leverage location data from the MSE.

Cisco MSE Datasheet

Cisco MSE Licensing and Ordering Guide

Cisco MSE Product Overview

Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences At-A-Glance

For more information on the Mobility Services Engine, see www.cisco.com/go/mse.

For more information on Connected Mobile Experiences, see www.cisco.com/go/cmx.