Cisco Catalyst 9105 Access Points

With new Cisco innovations, your network is better equipped and more prepared to take advantage of the Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) standard.

The benefits are true for any size organization. Cisco is happy to announce new hardware and software releases that will bring smaller and medium-sized businesses to the forefront of the Wi-Fi 6 revolution. On the hardware side of the house, Cisco is proud to announce the Cisco Catalyst 9105 Access Point. Thanks to upgrades now available in the Cisco IOS XE, your network is able to deploy a Cisco Catalyst 9800 controller functionality through the Catalyst 9000 Series Switches. Also the new Cisco IOS XE has a new feature that turns an access point into a development platform called Application Hosting.

Cisco Catalyst 9105 Access Points

Starting with the Cisco Catalyst 9105 Access points, smaller to medium-sized organizations are now able to have the lightning-fast connectivity that meets the Wi-Fi 6 standards at a very attractive list price. Not only will the new access point have most of the same features and functionalities as the other APs in the Catalyst family, but there are two versions of the 9105: the Cisco Catalyst 9105i and the Catalyst 9105w. The major difference between the two access points is that the Catalyst 9105w is a wall-plated mounted access point that is great for multi-dwelling units. So, if you’re talking about a hospitality space, dorm rooms or residence hall, the Catalyst 9105w Access Point is the right choice for this deployment. When it comes to ceiling-mounted Catalyst 9105i, this access point is perfect for small to medium-sized offices, retail shops or schools.

What features do the Catalyst 9105 Access Points bring to the table? A sleek aesthetic for starters. As the most compact-sized access point in its class, the Catalyst 9105 has the same high performance found in all Catalyst Access Points, but are priced especially for organizations that are looking to grow or who want to allow their employees the choice of a remote workforce solution. Like all Cisco Access Points, the Catalyst 9105 APs are able to be switched to OfficeExtend Access Point (OEAP) mode that allows for a secure connection from the office worker’s home straight to the company’s network.

Cisco Embedded Wireless Controller on Catalyst 9000 Switches using WebUI

Cisco announces that the Embedded Wireless Controller on Catalyst 9000 Switches using WebUI is currently available for deployment on all Catalyst 9300, 9400 and 9500 switches (previously it had been available on the Cisco Catalyst 9300 Switch) and no longer requires SD-Access deployment mode for single sites. What this means is:

  • Customers get a much more flexible deployment.
  • Deployment is more stream-lined and can be done via a simple WebUI.
  • Migration is easier as well.

The controller deployed via switch supports much of the same features and functionalities as the physical and cloud-based 9800 controllers. That includes secure guest access and Software Maintenance Update (SMU) for hot and cold patching on wireless controllers, access point Service Pack for maintenance updates on access points, access point Device Pack that allow for introduction of new AP hardware into the network, and N+1 support for resiliency. All of these features can be performed without taking the network offline, which is a Cisco-only feature.

Since the maximum deployment is two controllers per site, this would be a choice for smaller to medium-sized organizations, as up to 200 access points and 4000 clients are supported.

Application Hosting

With networks getting smarter by the day, it’s important that your hardware is able to match that intelligence and growth. With the release of Application Hosting on Cisco Catalyst 9100 Series Access Points, we’re catching up.

Application Hosting on Cisco Catalyst 9100 Access Points simplifies the traditional deployment of enterprise IoT solutions by no longer needing to install and manage an overlay network at their site. Through the use of application hosting, containerized applications can be deployed on the Cisco Catalyst 9100 Access Points. This deployment reduces both cost and complexity. And Cisco DNA Center provides consistent workflows to manage the entire application lifecycle across the entirety of the deployment.

How it works: Instead of creating a physical overlay network—that is both time-consuming and expensive—hosting the application on the Catalyst Access Points can be a solution that solves both issues of expense and time due to the elimination of the physical overlay network. By hosting the third-party applications, the access points can work as the IoT gateway and provide the connectivity layer to the tags or devices. These third-party applications are often built on an open, standards-based architecture.

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