In my previous blog I introduced the concept of Cisco Cloud Connectors, which help enhance cloud services for customers and partners, and listed the latest Cisco Cloud Connectors.

Today I am excited to share the next round of Cisco Cloud Connectors developed with third-parties and just announced at Cisco Live London! These Cisco Cloud Connectors expand further into a broad set of cloud-based applications and were developed by a growing list of third party partners. These new Cisco Cloud Connectors help address pain points in various domains such as storage, hospitality, security, VDI, identity, shipping and digital signage.

Here are a few examples of the new Cisco Cloud Connectors

  • Do you manage passwords and access for a large number of resellers and suppliers? Managing all the user credentials and the associated security issues for non employees is expensive, time consuming, and creates friction in key business relationships. Why not let partners manage their own users and simplify access? Check out the new Ping Identity Cloud Connector.
  • Are you interested in deployment of digital signage that will continue to seamlessly deliver, even when your cloud service is not available?  Industry Weapon’s Cloud Connector combines the best of both centralized and independent models.


Below are the latest additions to the growing list of Cisco Cloud Connectors developed and tested for Cisco platforms. The complete list can be found at Cisco Cloud Connectors.

Connector Type

New Connector

Business Value



Turn your Cisco ISR G2 into a managed, cloud-enabled NAS and backup appliance for enterprise branches and SMBs



Eliminate branch office filers and deliver secure cloud services to branch offices including mobile access to shared content



Gain comprehensive local NAS performance, security & features with the economics and scale of cloud storage



Maximize data protection for today’s complex distributed environments, dramatically reducing backup windows, recovery times and ensuring data mobility



Enable hotel operators to move costly local IT operations of smaller hotels into the cloud



Protect your voice network with business policies that control inbound and outbound usage



Empower service providers and enterprises to deliver turnkey virtual desktops remotely managed from the cloud


Atlantis Computing

Increase virtual desktop density and accelerate Cisco Office-in-a-box performance


Ping Identity

Provide single sign-on, streamline access and improve security for partners using public, private and hybrid cloud


Setel Hellas

Optimize maritime communication and business transactions for reliable and consistent user experience, manageable by public or private cloud

Digital Signage

Industry Weapon

Reliably deploy digital media to all of your Cisco networked devices

Cisco Cloud Connector development with many more partners is underway, so be sure to look out for future announcements on new Cisco Cloud Connectors that can enhance your migration to cloud-based models. To learn more about Cisco Cloud Connectors, review this whitepaper: Cisco Cloud Connectors: Bringing Network Intelligence to the Cloud.

If you would like to partner with Cisco on developing new Cisco Cloud Connectors or have any additional questions feel free to contact ask-cloudconnect@cisco.com



Rony Gotesdyner

Manager of Product Management

Cisco's Cloud Connectors