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We have all been through many changes in our daily lives due to unprecedented events in the past year. And it doesn’t just stop there. We’ve seen the workforce become more and more distributed and organizations are struggling to provide their users with an exceptional digital experience as they moved from campus to a secure work from home.  Now, as companies prepare for a safe return to the office, what is clear are workers demanding the flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime, on any device both seamlessly and securely.

Check out Dimensional Research’s findings from a recent survey below:

97% of employees expect changes to the workplace to make them feel safer

58% of the workforce will work from home 8 days or more per month.
Figure 1. Dimensional Research Findings Test

Multicloud is critical for business resiliency

Working remotely is here to stay.  While this offers flexibility for workers, it creates challenges for Netops and security teams.  Working on any device from any location often means forcing everything behind one security perimeter, this is no longer an option.

The pandemic has accelerated multicloud adoption as the strategy to enable business resiliency to deliver an always-on agile networking platform.

Multicloud enables organizations to be resilient in the face of any disruptions
Figure 2. Multicloud enables resiliency

A well architected multicloud network will deliver an always-on, easy to manage, agile, and scalable platform.

So how do network and security teams ensure they can manage risk, remain compliant all while enabling a productive workforce?

Insider Series for Networking Webinar

Join Cisco for our next live webinar: 5 ways to enable business resilience with multicloud networking on February 23, 2021 at 10:00 am PST (GMT 08:00). Our experts, Cisco Fellow, Carlos Perreira and Cisco’s CTO for IBN, Pradeep Kathail, dive into the details of multicloud networking. Learn how your organizations can simplify the connectivity and security of your globally distributed users, sites and applications.

Register today and join us to learn about:

  • Providing visibility to distributed multicloud applications and workloads
  • Extending network policy and governance from on-premises to multicloud
  • Future of networking directions to help plan for the unexpected

As always, a live Q&A will follow the webinar.


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