Cisco Champions CVD Beach ReadingIf you see yourself in any of the following, you might be a Cisco Champion for Enterprise Networks.

    1. You’ve named your pet cat “6k”
    2. News of a new .11ac AP excites you
    3. CVDs are beach reading
    4. You can name more than 4 services offered on an ISR
    5. You know why there aren’t IOS ver. 13 nor 14
    6. Your home network scares some visitors. Others want to borrow it for study
    7. Downgrading someone’s QoS (allegedly) is your idea of a practical joke
    8. Your CCIE number is in your twitter profile
    9. You once listed “Uncle John” as a next of kin
    10. IOS looks weird if it isn’t all caps
    11. You’ve argued heatedly about IS-IS vs. OSPF
    12. You were doing SDN 10 years ago with IOS scripting
    13. Meeting Jimmy Ray Purser is on your bucket list
    14. You know how ISE and Prime work together
    15. Favorite color is router blue
    16. WAAS isn’t a misspelling to you.
    17. You’ve been known to mumble “CAPWAP” in your sleep
    18. BONUS: You know what many of the acronyms in this list mean

Do a few of the above apply to you? While you don’t need a CCIE to be one, and maybe you’re allergic to cats, if you’re into Cisco networking technology, you should consider becoming a Cisco Champion for Enterprise Networks!

Please submit your nomination to cisco_champions@external.cisco.com for yourself or your favorite awesome person for inclusion in this program.   Mention “Enterprise Networks” in your nomination, so it will be routed correctly. All Cisco Champions for Enterprise Networks will be selected and alerted no later than January 17, 2013.

You can get more details here: http://www.cisco.com/go/ciscochampions


Lauren Friedman

Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networks