Despite the seeming media saturation of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the importance of industrial adoption, it was eye-opening to hear that 47% of manufacturers are still unclear on the value of IoT and how to proceed with adoption.   Cisco recently partnered with LNS Research on a research study to further understand the dynamics behind this.

Take a look at this Slide share below to see a summary of the study’s findings:

To get more details directly from the analysts who authored this study including Matt Littlefield, listen to this on-demand webcast, “Smart Connected Operations: Capturing the Value of the Industrial IoT”,  This webcast will also cover emerging best practices on how to transform the value chain and manufacturing system architectures toward Smart Connected operations, as well as how to build a business case for your specific production environment.

In addition, listeners to the webcast will receive an e-Book covering the following:

  • The top objectives and challenges manufacturers are facing today, and how Smart Connected Operations are being employed to accelerate success
  • A guide to building a business case for investment in Industrial IoT technology

The challenge for most manufacturers today is not falling behind and losing their competitive edge in their particular markets. In addition, further education is clearly a need so this study fills an obvious need. Let me know any thoughts or comments. Thanks for reading.


Kevin Davenport

Cisco’s Global Solutions Manager

Industrial Intelligence