Your car GPS alerts you on an accident and automatically found the best detour. The car ahead of you suddenly brakes and your car adjusts automatically.  Your car alerted your mechanic that something is ‘not quite right’ and started sharing diagnostic data, before you set out on your excursion.

During your road trip, your car guides you to the nearest gas station when you’re driving on empty in the middle of a strange town. You sneak in one last meeting before arriving at the campsite. Your car ensured that your conference call never had to reconnect even while going through the tunnel.

Now, if your car is going to be this smart, then it must be able to deliver critical information not only fast, but also securely and reliably.

This is the vision for the Cisco Connected Car.  Cisco’s expertise in delivering enterprise grade connectivity to Fortune 500 companies is being customized for passenger vehicles.  Cisco provides an end-to-end architecture that comprises an intelligent software client in the vehicle, a reliable roadside and backhaul framework and an automotive cloud infrastructure that is highly scalable, secure and fast.  This architecture is designed to seamlessly manage and deliver mission critical information to millions of connected cars.

This robust framework provides the foundation for a whole new suite of automotive applications.  Cisco believes that the Internet of Cars is an excellent use case of how The Internet of Everything will transform the way we drive and the automotive business.  The Internet of Everything brings together people, process, data and things to make networked connections between vehicles to vehicles, vehicles to people, and vehicles to everything a growing necessity. Cisco recently released an Internet of Everything Economic analysis that identified a $350 billion value at stake when connected commercial vehicles are connected.

Check out the Connected Car Demo featured at Cisco Live below


Learn more about the Cisco Connected Car vision by visiting the Cisco Internet of Things (IoT) Booth (#1558) within the Partner Pavilion at Cisco Live..  You’ll find interactive demos and cars talking to traffic lights and other cars.   Don’t forget to bring along your great ideas to enter our contest to win some great prizes!

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Helder Antunes

Senior Director

Corporate Strategic Innovations Group