My wife and I have been watching the Netflix show, Arrested Development, which features the song, The Final Countdown, by Europe. It recurs when the magician character, Gob, enters the scene to perform tricks for his audience. This epic song builds hype and anticipation for the event.

The song also puts me in the same anticipatory mood as I think about the first in-person event I will have attended for Cisco Live in a long, long, time. I am literally playing this song on repeat as I write this blog.

We are down to the final few days — the final countdown to Cisco Live 2022, and I can’t wait to see you all!

Network automation sessions at Cisco Live 2022

  • DevNet Workshop – It Sounded Good on Paper: How To Avoid Common Pitfalls in Network Automation
    Monday, Jun 13 | 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM PDT

    My first session is DevNet Workshop DEVWKS-1955, It Sounded Good on Paper: How To Avoid Common Pitfalls in Network Automation. This session springs from my personal experience and observations working for Cisco IT, building a network automation team, and during my time as a consultant, helping other enterprises establish their own automation best practices. I wish I had had access to this session when I was getting started in network automation, especially as a business or technical leader.

  • Breakout Session – Prepare for the Enterprise Automation (ENAUTO) Certification with Real Life Applications
    Wednesday, Jun 15 | 2:30 AM – 3:15 AM PDT

    My second session is Breakout Session BRKCRT-2014, Prepare for the Enterprise Automation (ENAUTO) Certification with Real-Life Applications.” If you have any interest in the Enterprise Automation certification, or if you are prepping for the certification, you’ll want to check out this session. We will cover what to expect on the exam, such as:

    • The style of questions, with samples
    • What is covered in the exam
    • Several practical examples of the concepts in action, which I will demo!

After the music fades

Don’t limit your learning to just this epic event. The Learning and Certifications team has regular virtual webinar events and a vibrant learning community to keep you rocking between Cisco Live events.

Looking forward to seeing you at Cisco Live very soon!

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