Cisco Live 2022 is fast approaching and that means it’s time to prep! Whether you’re a Cisco Live veteran or a conference newbie, attending an event of this size can be hectic if you don’t have a plan. If you don’t have a plan, you end up with something like this:


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Not great. But FOMO isn’t the only enemy, burnout and exhaustion can get you too! Any conference can feel like a marathon run at the pace of a sprint, so it’s on you to make sure you’re taking care of yourself and attending the events that are most important to you. That’s what this guide is for- A Beginner’s (or Veteran’s) Guide to Learning & Certifications at Cisco Live!

Step 1: Set your intentions.

Begin by asking yourself two questions: what do I hope to learn, and what do I expect to gain? You may not know the answer right away, after all, there is a lot of ground to cover and plenty of events to attend. First thing first: familiarize yourself with the different types of sessions and decide what sounds the most interesting to you and your learning style. I’d list them all, but there are 20 and that’s a lot of space.

As with the type of session, it’s important to narrow your search by deciding which technology tracks are the most important to you. Choosing from among these is a little bit easier- there are only ten options. Despite that, you should look into the tracks that interest you the most and plan your Cisco Live around what you would like to learn.

Maybe you do have an answer to the first two questions and that answer is either, “I want to earn that certification I’ve been working towards” or “I’m going to continue my education on my favorite topics.” Well worry not, intrepid explorer, we’ve got you covered. This year we’re offering several certification exams onsite. You could earn your next certification in the middle of Las Vegas, and unlike the city’s slogan, what happened there in your exam doesn’t have to stay in Vegas.

And earning your certification isn’t the only thing you can do. There will be live continuing education sessions to attend, each of which can bring you a bit closer to your goals. Meet people on similar tracks, discuss your field, and work through the hardest problems with people on the same journey.

Step 2: Start planning which sessions you’d like to attend.

It’s no secret that Cisco Live is a popular event. There will be loads of excited and enthusiastic attendees, just like you. Once you figure out what sessions are important to you, schedule them ASAP. Sessions have limited seating, so it’s important that you choose the sessions you want to take and reserve your spot quickly. The same is true of the Premium Education opportunities available to you.

Use the event scheduler to search through sessions and explore your options. If you want to filter by day, simply enter the day into the search bar to the left. If you want to filter by session type, technology, track, or more, navigate to the drop-down menus below the search bar and click through to your desired level of filtering. For a bit more of a guided tour of your choices, take a look at our curated learning maps, which are divided by technology track. Using these maps will allow you to quickly explore sessions related to your track.

Once you have your sessions and Education opportunities decided, begin to build out your on-site. Dig deeper into the catalog and discover additional interests throughout the conference. Think about what activities you’ll participate in outside of learning. Maybe you’ll attend demos or keynote speakers? Maybe you’ll take a breather and take care of yourself? Whatever you choose, write it out on your schedule and fill out your availability. Just remember to not overload yourself.

Whatever you choose to do at Cisco Live, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people. This is your chance to immerse yourself in a community of learners on a similar path to yours. But it doesn’t have to be random- think of the technology track you’re interested in and sign up for CLN events, free trials, and more. You’ll meet plenty of others with whom you can build a community all your own.

Step 3: Take the time to visit our spaces.

Coming together after a few years apart means that now is the perfect time for beginners to meet and interact with community members and the Cisco professionals who make the various certifications possible. Cisco Live is BIG, which means you’ll have plenty of spaces to visit and explore.

Are you working on a certification or just excited about them in general? Visit our Cert Space and learn about resources, communities, and news for the certifications that are important to you. Once you’re done there, check out the Social Media Hub to see what we’re posting about, enter contests, interact with other social media pros, recharge your batteries (literally and metaphorically), and meet the Cisco Live social media monitoring team.

Interested in DevNet? Visit the DevNet Zone and code along with an instructor in a hands-on workshop, play the Robot Challenge, test your knowledge in the Developer Dash, and more! From basic to advanced coding, you can take it at your own pace in our self-paced learning lab or learn from some of Cisco’s best in our workshops. And attending a DevNet workshop makes you eligible to earn Cisco Continuing Education Credits, yet another benefit when you come and spend your time in the Zone.

Finally, if you’re looking to rep your Cisco love and want to explore cool merchandise, deals, and more, be sure to visit the Cisco Store!

Step 4: Get connected.

What’s the point of a conference if you’re not connecting with the people involved? Make sure you’re going around and talking to all of the exciting people who will be experiencing Cisco Live right alongside you. Get names and emails and start building a personal network. As for your social network, I’ve attached a list of great follows at the end of this guide. Take a moment to go through it, turn on your alerts, and keep an eye out for Cisco Live content while you’re at the conference.

Now, in addition to connecting to everyone else, let me show you how to connect with me- you can find and listen to me during my sessions, which will take place throughout the conference. Add them to your schedule and come see what I’ve got to say.

Step 5: What to bring?

Finally, let me give you a quick, self-explanatory breakdown of the tangibles that will make your time at Cisco Live even more enjoyable while keeping you healthy and happy-

  • Notes, digital or paper
  • USB charging pack
  • While masks are no longer mandated in Las Vegas, it’s a good idea to bring one
  • Pepto Bismol, Advil, Tylenol, etc.
  • Bottle of water
  • Backpack
  • Comfy shoes
  • Attire – dress for Las Vegas (It’s going to be HOT)

I can’t wait to see all of you Live and in-person in Las Vegas! And, as promised, here is a list of Twitter accounts I recommend that you follow:

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