Have you ever been at a party and enjoyed the sampler platter so much that you kept going back for more? Just me? That’s okay.

Today, I’ve prepared a smorgasbord* of the latest Cisco U. learning content for you to enjoy! Don’t worry. This tech learning buffet is all yours. Without further ado, it’s time to see what’s on the menu. Let’s dig in!

*A smorgasbord is a Swedish word for an assortment of hot and cold dishes served in a buffet style, kind of like a sampler platter.

Your first snack from the platter: Access-Control Lists (ACLs)

I recently recorded a fun, new Snack Minute episode with Kareem and Matt for Cybersecurity Awareness Month on the basics of an Access-Control List (ACL). Since ACL is listed on the CCNA exam topics and it’s a need-to-know stop to sweeten your security know-how, the episode is a total win-win—it’s okay, double-dipping is allowed here (yes, the puns just keep coming!)

In the episode, I walk through a Cisco Modeling Labs (CML) demo inside the DevNet Sandbox using a simple topology that showcases how you can limit traffic from one host and permit traffic to another. If you have ever been confused about what an ACL is or intimidated by the syntax, this snack will help satisfy your full understanding. (Yum.)

I also created a related Cisco U. tutorial to give you an opportunity to try out writing your first ACL. Understanding ACLs is super important to network engineers getting started, cloud engineers, and security engineers. Take the time to play with it and see how all the moving pieces work—it will be worth it.

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Filling your plate: Tons of new, free Security tutorials

Did you know that Cisco U. has free tutorials on a variety of topics, including security? Our newly added Introduction to Firewall Management Center APIs tutorial walks you through Cisco Secure Firewall Management Center Application (FMC) program interfaces and guides you through configuring APIs to automatically manage firewall devices.

Check out the new Introduction to the Cisco ISE Policy Set tutorial, which will help you draft effective Identity Services Engine (ISE) policy conditions and show you how to create a policy set using the ISE Personal Area Network (PAN) Graphical User Interface (GUI). When it comes to security, getting more familiar with identity management is critical. (I mean, you can’t have a party without some drinks with some “ISE,” right?)

Finally, security is important when you are building automation or other software. Your API token is effectively your password, so locking it down is critical. Take a look at the Securing your API Token with Vault tutorial to learn how to configure Vault for secrets and to deploy a Vault instance, as well as leverage Vault Software Development Kit (SDK) in your applications. I know it can seem trivial to focus on security when moving fast in your automation journey, but you don’t want to miss this concept!

Make sure you check out these new Cisco U. tutorials as you level up your security skills during Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Get ’em while they’re hot—or snack on them later. They’ll be waiting for you inside Cisco U. Free.

Sneaking leftovers into your purse: Everything else new in Cisco U. in September

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