I am proud to introduce you to our learning event — the Cisco U. Spotlight!

And it is all happening On April 24, 2024, at 8:30am Pacific.

What’s Cisco U. Spotlight all about?

Cisco U. Spotlight is where the latest tech meets community. It is our inaugural virtual event that consists of three different channels full of the latest technical content. The focus is all onthe network — where we all need to Connect. Secure. Observe.

We understand that you, the learner, have different preferences on the way you learn. This is why we created three different channels tailored for different levels of learners. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, there is something here to help you learn, grow, and upskill.

The Channels

  • Classroom – Dive into a lecture-style technical session and bring your skills to a new dimension.
  • Hands-on – This hands-on experience is what you’re looking for to learn something new.
  • Expert level – Deep-dive into technical topics and thought leadership in this lecture-style track.

Join some of the best industry leaders and technical advocates in more than 25 sessions. We’ll cover Cisco and Cisco-adjacent technologies around the following topics:


  • Scaling geographically dispersed enterprises
  • On-prem and cloud: Better together
  • Lights-out/remote network deployments
  • Delivering a network that’s as automated as a cloud provider


  • Application and resource access based on who you are, not where you are
  • Keeping your off-prem data yours
  • Protecting the cloud from outsiders (and preventing a runaway cloud bill!)
  • Hybrid and remote workforces don’t mean security walks out the door


  • Is it the network? Insights and metrics to prove your innocence
  • Application visibility: The key to happy users
  • So many locations in which to place my workload; how do I know which is best?

The Spotlight’s on you

Mark your calendar and join us on April 24, 2024. It’s all free! Register now for the Cisco U. Spotlight — it’s the place to be!



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Kareem Iskander

Technical Lead

DevNet Developer Experience