We are transitioning to a new era in networking where virtualization, automation, analytics, and security are becoming the key building blocks of the “new” intent-based network. While new technologies and solutions present new opportunities for the network, they are only made possible by the enterprise network teams that possess the knowledge and skills to access their full potential.

What enterprise network teams need to know

To meet this challenge, engineers and enterprise network teams need an understanding of software-defined or controller-based networking architecture, the ability to leverage the power of intent-based networking controllers (like Cisco DNA Center to automate Day 0 and Day N ops), the knowledge to monitor and troubleshoot networks, and the capability to leverage machine learning network insight to proactively detect and accurately remediate anomalies.

At Cisco, we’ve been working to help you (and your network) stay ahead of the curve by integrating those key building blocks into our products and training. Let’s take a closer look at Understanding Cisco SDA Fundamentals (SDAFND) v1.0, the course that introduces you to Cisco Software-Defined Access (SD-Access) and how you can leverage SD-Access in the Cisco-powered Enterprise Campus network, Cisco DNA Center automation and assurance, and how to implement simple, single-site fabric networks.

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Understanding Cisco SDA Fundamentals (SDAFND) v1.0

What you’ll learn

The Understanding Cisco SDA Fundamentals (SDAFND) v1.0 course can help you start your learning journey into software-defined networking while addressing some of the following skill gaps:

  • How the overlay network (or network fabric) works with the traditional physical underlay network.
  • The key components of the Cisco SD-Access fabric and their roles.
  • Cisco DNA Center v2.x and its workflows through a combination of hands-on lab exercises and simulations.
  • Day 0 onboarding including Cisco Plug and Play, image management, creating device templates, and device provisioning.
  • How the control plane, data plane, and policy plane work together in the Cisco SD-Access solution. This includes hands-on experience on how LISP works in Cisco SD-Access.
  • How to deploy Cisco SD-Access single site fabric and then learn how to use Cisco SD-Access policy and provision workflows.
  • Cisco DNA Assurance workflows to perform monitoring and troubleshooting of the Cisco SD-Access fabric.
  • You will also learn about Cisco DNA Center REST APIs and interact with Cisco DNA Center intent-based APIs using Python.

How you’ll learn

Understanding Cisco SDA Fundamentals (SDAFND) v1.0 is available as both an instructor-led training and as self-paced digital training. The digital training option includes conceptual content videos, formative and summative assessments, hands-on lab activities, and interactive simulations. View the self-paced course and start learning today with a free 3-day trial.

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