The DevNet Expert certification is here, earning its place among Cisco’s Expert-level certification tier with an identity all its own. As we look forward to the first day of lab testing on May 2, 2022, the anticipation and curiosity around the never-before-seen exam has left many wondering what makes this exam so unique compared to other Cisco certification exams – even at the Expert level.

A practical exam unlike any other

Join Cisco certification experts for a #CiscoChat to understand how the DevNet Expert lab exam was built to distinguish those with the ability to lead the IT teams of the future. Take a closer look at the unique aspects of this practical exam, including what you’ll be tested on, what roles this certification can prepare you for, and what it means to take a “software-first” approach in the exam environment.

You’ll also discover what this certification means for individuals, teams, and its impact on organizations, as the first generation of DevNet Expert certified professionals start to emerge this spring.

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Stuart Clark, Senior Developer Advocate, Cisco DevNet (Follow Stuart on Twitter:  @bigevilbeard)
Jason Belk, Senior Technical Advocate, Cisco Learning & Certifications (Follow Jason on Twitter: @renobelk)

Moderated by: Stef Garraffa, Social Media Manager, Cisco Learning & Certifications (Follow Stef on Twitter: @SteffiErika)

Walk through some of the key aspects of the DevNet Expert lab exam and how it is designed to identify the leaders of NetDevOps technologies. Stuart and Jason also fielded questions from the audience pertaining to the new Cisco Certified DevNet Expert certification and its lab exam.  Have a question? Leave a comment below and for guidance on how you can take your NetDevOps skills to the next level. 


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