Remember VH1’s TV show “Behind the Music?” It featured a behind-the-scenes look at your favorite musicians rise to fame. It showed how success was not always easy.  That failure was part of the process. That bands like Aerosmith or Counting Crows made mistakes that almost ruined or destroyed the band. The show not only allowed you to connect to your favorite band or singer on a deeper level, but taught you how to avoid their mistakes on your own rise to rock n’ roll fame.

Here at Cisco, we are always seeking deeper connections with people who are using our technologies to create new opportunities. Some of the best stories are now being featured as candid, interactive conversations on our newest platform: Unscripted by Cisco. Each month, TechWiseTV host Robb Boyd leads a lively, engaging discussion around the experience of customers on their journey of digital transformation. What happened, what we can learn, and often, ideas we can take back into our own operations.

The series began:

The series kicked off with Blair Antcliffe from the University of British Columbia, and Stefan Storey from Sensible Building Science. Hear how an PhD student with a fresh take on Wi-Fi Data Analytics was able to reduce University of British Columbia’s energy bill by $400,000 along with a 67% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions with Wi-Fi Data Analytics. Don’t worry if you missed the live conversation, go here to catch the recording.

Now, we are gearing up for our next episode around security:

Network security is always a balancing act between access and protection. This challenge is even more pronounced when there are thousands of employees working from hundreds of locations outside the traditional office.

Join us live this October as Robb Boyd chats with Joseph Paradi, Senior Director of IT for Avanade. As a global, consulting services firm with 10,000 employees spread across 24 countries, Joseph has a story to share.

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When: October 17, 2017

Time: 11:30 AM Central.

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Dani Sherriff

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