When I was eight, my family upgraded from a small, run-down, red Geo Metro to a brand new, sparkling gold Honda Odyssey. I remember my excitement about the automatic doors. And the fact that I would no longer have to climb through the passenger front seat to get to the back of the car. However, as newness often does, my enchantment with the Honda soon wore off. Within the first year, our beloved car was given the nickname: the “loser cruiser,” and the rest is history…

When I think back to this car though, despite its subpar looks, it holds a special place. Our family had it until it died at 250,000 miles.

This car, it grew up with me and my sister. It took us from elementary school into our high school years. It witnessed friendships being formed and secrets being told. It drove us to countless soccer and volleyball practices and tournaments. It taught us the frustrations of traffic jams and the importance of stopping for gas before the gas light comes on. It detoured to many Wendy’s drive-thrus for those delicious $1 chocolate Frosties.

This car created traditions—driving my family 32 hours to and from Iowa every December and July. When I think back to our Honda, I remember fights with my sister about who would get to choose the first movie on road trips (with the television strapped in between the arm rests of the front seat). I remember me laughing hysterically to my sister’s sarcastic one-liners about people in other cars. Or my dad chuckling while my mom and I tried to make up lyrics to a song. It reminds me of family and time well spent.

Phil Abram, Executive Director for Connectivity and Infotainment at GM said it best:

“The American relationship with our car is so deep, so abiding. People name their cars; they don’t name their dishwasher.”

GM recognizes this emotional connection that people have to their cars, and because of this recognition, they aim to extend this relationship even further. With the connected vehicle.

Hear Frank’s story about his first car and how his GM car experience has evolved since 1959, with the use of Cisco technology.



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