Over 70 years, EllisDon has developed into a world-leading construction and building services company, with international offices in Canada, the Middle East, and North Africa. EllisDon completes more than $5 billion in projects each year in both the private and public sectors. The company continually redefines construction as they design, finance, construct, equip, operate, and manage everything they build.

Established in 1951, EllisDon has built a multi-faceted company from the ground up over 70 years.

EllisDon’s Energy and Digital Services group is a customer-facing team that focuses on deployment and support of technology in new construction, as well as retrofitting projects for customers. In 2017, EllisDon decided to bring the development, design, deployment, implementation, and procurement of IT infrastructure in-house, and chose Cisco to help guide their transition.

Fast forward several years and, in the middle of a global pandemic, the Energy and Digital Services team was tasked with planning a safe return-to-work strategy for both the company and their customers. They were able to pivot successfully, in part because of the groundwork that had already been laid, and in part because EllisDon relied on Cisco Smart Building Solutions as a cornerstone to their safe return-to-work strategy.

Part of their success was also increasing the number of Cisco Webex licenses to facilitate employee collaboration. Vice President of Energy and Digital Services, Robert Barnes, noted: “We’ve used this [Webex] technology for several years in the office, but adoption was minimal because no one felt they needed it. Now, however, Webex has become a daily part of our employees’ lives.”

Even as EllisDon leverages Cisco technology for its own seamless return-to-work transition, the Energy and Digital Services team offers these same solutions to customers, generating $4 million of new business. What better way to learn more about how EllisDon and Cisco are working together than to hear from Robert Barnes in his own words?


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