Founded in 1980, MCNC has been at the helm of North Carolina’s movement to create a more connected community for over 40 years. Together with Cisco, they have been able to provide access to technology and services in even the most remote and rural parts of the state. MCNC has effectively become the fiber optic backbone upon which all North Carolinians can safely rely.

Since its inception, MCNC has worked toward one goal: to unify the disparate, underlying networks across the state of North Carolina. Skilled in ensuring consistent access to both individuals and communities alike, Cisco was a natural fit to provide the technological infrastructure that MCNC required to bring their directive to fruition. Bolstered by solutions ranging from collaboration to security, MCNC is steadily enabling schools and businesses to optimize their respective operations in an effort to better serve their constituents. The work that MCNC has done within North Carolina can act as a blueprint for other network providers across the country, and as a testament to the innate capacity that technology has to impart societal benefit.

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Mark Andino

Customer Stories Specialist