Over Thanksgiving break, I re-watched the movie “Pay It Forward.”

The movie is about a boy who is given a school assignment: to do something that can change the world. The boy researches the number of people living in the world and strategizes how he can make the biggest impact. He decides that instead of paying “back” favors owed, when a person receives a favor, they should then pay a favor forward to three other people. And those three people pay favors to three more people. Quickly, three people turn into hundreds and thousands. The good of one causes a chain reaction that ends up saving lives.

While fiction in nature, it was amazing to see how a thought so simple could impact so profoundly.

I often see this type of noble and simplistic innovation in charitable organizations. One example is Cisco HyperFlex customer, City Harvest.

City Harvest looked at unused food and turned the notion of waste into something good.

After rescuing this good food, they then deliver it free of charge to soup kitchens, food pantries and other community food programs across New York City. Using Cisco HyperFlex technology, they are able to keep drivers on the roads, notifying and rerouting them when a food bank is closed, or full.

This year they will have rescued and redistributed 59 million pounds of food. Talk about paying it forward.

City Harvest is truly helping make the world a better place, one food rescue at a time. Now through the end of December 2017, the Cisco HyperFlex team is matching donations to City Harvest, up to $20,000.

Check out the video below and please consider donating to City Harvest: cs.co/flexit.



How do you plan to help change the world?



To learn more about the City Harvest technology story, visit: Here

To learn more about City Harvest, visit: Here


Jillian Zimmerman


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