Thousands of people use Webex Team every day to schedule and run meetings. But this isn’t its only purpose, employees can also use it to exchange documents to finalize a purchase order, or to contact the HR department when they need to inquire about health insurance.

Conversations between colleagues often revolve around topics that are subjected to internal policies and procedures.

This is where Artificial Intelligence comes in handy. The question to ask is: what’s the benefit to managing such processes with only one of the two parties? BOT systems provide an answer and they allow for quick implementations too. 

Thanks to Convy AI, Eudata conversational platform, in just a few steps it’s possible to have conversations managed and supported by a BOT which is available 24 hours a day, guides users through defined processes and retrieves information from and/or performs actions on legacy systems of an organization if needed.

With a new integration available connecting Convy AI with Webex Team, implementing this type of conversational service has become so simple that no particular programming skills are needed. If you know clear in mind the process you need support on, all you have to do is draw the process on Convy and then publish it on Webex.

Convy AI can be seen in fact as a conversational BPM system: any process that occurs between two individuals including interactions with external systems to trace data, read information or perform actions, can be associated with a replicable model.

Use Cases

Generic case: A use case applicable in every company is the ability to provide HR informative services through a BOT. Suppose I’m an employee of Company A, I’m at home in the evening and I need to ask for a refund, but I realize I don’t know the terms of my personal insurance. I ask the question to my company HR-BOT on my mobile. It will find the information for me, and only if my question is too complicated it will put me in contact with a human colleague.

Insurance: Suppose I’m an agent and I’m in front of a customer needing a contract upgrade, but the customer’s profile doesn’t fit exactly in the criteria for the upgrade, so I ask for help to my Agency-BOT. After asking me a few details about the customer profile, the bot will automatically involve a colleague that has the right role to authorize the upgrade. Agency-BOT will drive the process, collect information and only when everything is ok involve my colleague, which will save precious time. My customer is served fast, has the right response and can extend is coverage. Job done!

Industry: Suppose I’m an inspector in company B, my role is to check that the company is producing what our customers need and react immediately if this is not the case. While inspecting the depot I realize that an important component for our customers is about to run out, so I ask to my Storehouse-BOT if we have pending orders for that specific component. We need 1000 pieces by tomorrow, so I ask the BOT what the production time is. It replies that 1 day is enough if we have all the basic components, and in fact it is true because the BOT proactively did all the checks. So I ask to the BOT to start the production. Tomorrow our clients will have what they need in time.


Webex and Convy are enablers for simplification, automation and great customer and employee satisfaction.


By: Sandro Parisi, CEO, Eudata & Enrico Mercadante, Italy Co-Innovation Center Lead, Cisco


Enrico Mercadante

Innovation Lead

Architecture & Digital Transformation, Italy