It seems that every day brings a new development to IoT. Our customers are trying to figure out how new products and new technologies can help their business and overcome the complexities of IoT.  They often tell me that there is so much information out there, that it is difficult to know what or who to pay attention to … That’s why I thought it would be interesting to share our top IoT posts from 2019. We have thousands of followers on our blog and case study channels. Their clicks and reads give great insights as to what people care about when it comes to their IoT success. Here they are:


  1. An introduction to edge computing and use case examples. What is edge computing, why do businesses need it, and how are they using it? Get answers to these questions and more as Mirko Grabel introduces the concept of edge computing. Also learn how edge computing is being used in the transportation, utilities, and manufacturing industries.
  2. The power of intent-based networking for the IoT edge. In January of 2019, Cisco IoT announced new industrial routers and switches that bring intent-based networking to the edge. Vikas Butaney shares how these new products help deploy IoT at scale, all while building in security from the start.
  3. What does 5G look like for Industrial IoT? This a great introduction to the fifth generation of cellular wireless. Patrick Grossetete provides an overview of 5G, its benefits, and use cases. If you’re still hungry for more, download the white paper!
  4. Manufacturing: Secure networks to cell/area zone. As industrial assets connect to the network, security is emerging as concern at the board-of-director level for many manufacturers. In this blog, Paul Didier writes about cybersecurity trends in the manufacturing industry, including attack trends and the development of security standards.
  5. How 5G/Wi-Fi 6 will transform multi-access networks in industrial IoT. 5G and Wi-Fi 6 are all the rage these days, but what do they mean for IoT—and especially the industrial IoT? While it’s still early in the game, Patrick Grossetete explains how these technologies will impact IIoT and the benefits organizations can look forward to.
  6. Unpacking IoT, a series: The complexity challenge and what you can do about it. IoT projects present three distinct challenges for network engineers. Tim Szigeti explains how complexity can derail an IoT project and how to simplify IoT. (Bonus: Read Tim’s other two blog posts on security and scalability.)
  7. Cisco IoT powers reliability with flexible, always-on control for utility customers. Power outages have a far-reaching impact on utility providers and their customers, ranging from increased costs to other project delays. Through Cisco IoT technology, Great River Energy of Minnesota is optimizing service reliability, reducing maintenance costs, and improving operations.

As I look at the list above, my biggest surprise is that there were no surprises. Topics like 5G, edge compute, Wi-Fi 6 and just making IoT less complex (among others) are the hot topics that I expected on that list.  And given how fast the market is changing I look forward to seeing how this list will evolve in the upcoming year.

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Patty Medberry

Senior Manager, Product Marketing

Cisco IoT