If you build Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, it’s a safe bet that you spend a lot of time integrating networking technologies. First you need to find the right technology for your customer’s use case with accurate specifications and end-to-end security. Next is testing, followed by integration, deployment at scale, and support for the solution’s life span.

When you get your second customer, who probably has a similar use case but different requirements, the process starts all over again.

We introduced the Cisco IoT Design-In Program to simplify this process and accelerate time to market for our partners who build and deliver IoT solutions to their customers. Partners who join the program receive guidance throughout their solution’s lifecycle — expert advice on product selection, design guides, support, and consistent pricing As I write this, more than 33 partners have joined the program. Here are a couple of their stories.

Ventev delivers turnkey Wi-Fi solutions faster

U.S.-based Ventev Wireless Infrastructure supplies custom enclosures and antennas for environments ranging from schools and hospitals to warehouses and government offices. A major retail chain hired Ventev to retrofit the wireless infrastructure in its warehouses. Wi-Fi in warehouse is notoriously challenging, and Ventev knew it would need multiple configurations for different environments around the world. Through the Design-In Program, Cisco IoT experts advised Ventev’s product engineers on how to configure Cisco 6300 Embedded Services Access Points for great performance in different conditions. Fixed pricing over a period of time simplified launch planning. And early notification of product enhancements helps Ventev plan upgrades well ahead of time.

Trident Infosol Introduces NetSpyder-CR

On the other side of the world, our partner Trident Infosol builds rugged switches for Indian defense agencies. Its solutions need to meet customers’ stringent requirements for size, power consumption, and tolerance for hostile environmental conditions.

As a member of the Design-In Program, Trident receives guidance throughout the design cycle from Cisco experts in the defense marketplace. After conversations with Design-In engineers, Trident selected the Cisco ESR6300 Embedded Series Router as the foundation for its new NetSpyder-CR switch, introduced in December 2020. Trident leverages our global leadership in Network Connectivity to increase their brand value and accelerate time to market.

Interested in healing your own network-integration headaches? Join us for the “Design-In: Get in the Know” webinar on February 25, 2021. We’ve lined up partners to share their experiences with the program, and Design-In team members will answer your questions. To pre-register, email design-in-webinar@cisco.com.

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Srivatsa Srinivasan

Global Lead

IoT Design-In Program