The CRN 2021 Tech Innovators Award is a fantastic endorsement for Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard, a cloud-based dashboard that helps operations teams manage industrial IoT devices and equipment. IoT Operations Dashboard addresses the needs of enterprises as they move forward in their digitization journey.

The promises of digitization at the edge through industrial IoT are many. They include gaining operational efficiency, improving customer experiences, and enhancing business resiliency.

Deploying an industrial IoT solution provides connectivity to edge equipment. This could include roadside cabinets, bus stops, electronic signage, kiosks and ATMs. Yet a real challenge for operations teams is gaining visibility of this connectivity. And maintaining it without the need for time-consuming and costly site visits. This becomes more important as organizations add more and different types of equipment.

Operations teams are responsible for minimizing downtime and improving efficiency. They need simple and intuitive tools they can use without deep IT expertise. For example, roadside signage may need to be upgraded. Applying a patch to each device individually takes time. Not only that, but the upgrade needs to fit within defined maintenance schedules.

Easy, scalable deployment and monitoring

Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard provides intuitive tools for operations teams. They can deploy and monitor Cisco industrial IoT routers and gateways easily. And at the same time they can view connectivity to end equipment.

A new device can be set up easily using a customizable form. The configuration is applied to the device as soon as it is installed and switched on. Once the device is configured, it shows up in the dashboard’s map view, together with the equipment connected to it.

Large numbers of devices can be deployed quickly and easily. As soon as each one is set up at its location and switched on, it becomes visible in the map. The dashboard shows information about each device, including any alerts, and connection status. 

Remote upgrades and troubleshooting

IoT Operations Dashboard also includes Secure Equipment Access. This gives secure access to equipment connected to Cisco industrial routers and gateways. Authorized users can be internal, or external users from a supplier. These users can upgrade a device or troubleshoot issues without compromising the organization’s security policies. 

Application Management at the edge

IoT Operations Dashboard now offers remote Application Management. This allows users to download and manage applications at the edge. Application Management at the edge helps to localize data processing. Bandwidth usage is reduced, saving costs.

IoT Operations Dashboard helps organizations to realize the benefits of industrial IoT. It is an easy-to-use cloud-based solution for deployment, monitoring, and troubleshooting. And it supports Cisco industrial IoT routers, gateways, and connected equipment at massive scale.

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Angela Murphy

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Cisco IoT