Statement by Eric Wenger, Senior Director, Technology Policy, Global Government Affairs:


Outdated technology, unsecured networks, and creative threat actors endanger our way of life and institutions crucial to a prosperous and safe society. The National Cybersecurity Strategy released today by the Biden administration can serve as a foundation to address this problem. Cisco applauds the National Cyber Director’s leadership in developing a proactive cybersecurity plan that can adapt to 21st-century challenges and opportunities. 


In this highly connected world, we can only be successful if we work together. The interdependencies of cybersecurity require a robust public-private sector partnership, and collaboration across industry and government will ensure the strategy is effectively implemented. As a global leader in security, Cisco stands ready to work with the administration and industry peers to help build a secure, connected, and inclusive future for all Americans.

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Eric Wenger

Senior Director, Technology Policy

Global Government Affairs