Yesterday, the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) informed Congress of its intent to negotiate three separate free trade agreements with Japan, the UK and the EU. Welcome news, these negotiations provide an opportunity for the Trump Administration to advance an affirmative trade agenda with important U.S. trading partners.

In close consultation with Congress, Cisco looks forward to working with USTR on elements of these agreements that can help the U.S. technology sector to compete effectively in international markets. Similar to the content of the recently-announced US-Mexico-Canada Agreement(USMCA), including its cybersecurity and privacy provisions, Cisco would like to see provisions in these new agreements that:

  • Continue to provide duty-free access in information and communications technology (ICT) products
  • Promote cooperation on and use of risk-based approaches to cybersecurity
  • Prevent governments from requiring localization of data, data processing, storage or facilities
  • Prohibit governments from demanding source code disclosure (including algorithms) as a condition of market access
  • Enable the free flow of data across borders
  • Open trade in commercial encryption
  • Enable interoperability of privacy regimes
  • Allow for open trade in remanufactured products and products destined for reuse
  • Facilitate and simplify customs procedures
  • Protect intellectual property rights (IPR), including trade secrets
  • Provide open, nondiscriminatory access to government procurement
  • Promote market access and competition in telecommunications services
  • Liberalize treatment of computer- and computer-related, distribution, repair services
  • Avoid duplicative testing and certification requirements for telecom products

Cisco welcomes the opportunity to work with USTR, Congress and the three governments to secure high-standard commitments that facilitate trade in information and communications technology (ICT) products and services.


Jennifer Sanford

Senior Manager of International Trade and Energy/Environment Policy

Cisco Global Policy and Government Affairs