Today’s decision by the US Department of Transportation to move forward with vehicle-to-vehicle safety technology for cars and light trucks is welcome news.

Not only does this mark the first use of radio technology that will make our driving experience safer, but it is also the first use of the Intelligent Transportation Service spectrum at 5.9 GHz that was set aside for these purposes nearly 15 years ago.

Just as important, this is a victory for IEEE 802.11 technology.  ITS radios utilize this (802.11) technology, creating a real opportunity for Wi-Fi sharing in the 5.9 GHz band, since the two technologies were born from the same standard.

The FCC is continuing to conduct its analysis on whether sharing is technologically feasible.  Cisco believes, given Wi-Fi’s ability to listen, detect, and avoid, that the band can be robustly utilized by ITS and Wi-Fi, while ensuring safety of drivers and passengers.

Cisco looks forward to working with the auto industry on the implementation of the next chapter in connected vehicles.