As an Internet society we are generating digital information at an exponential rate. It’s coming from more devices that are more connected than ever and getting smarter all the time.  Next year we will hit the zettabyte era – that’s 1000 exabytes of IP traffic each year, the equivalent of 36 million years of HD video.  By 2017, there will be almost three times as many devices as people on Earth.

As we increasingly rely on more and more elements of our world becoming connected, it is natural that there are growing concerns over keeping society safe and secure – it’s in the interest of both government and the private sector to make sure we can rely on these connections, that we trust them and can maximize the opportunities they present us.

Today will be the third plenary meeting of the NIS Platform – the EU’s public private partnership for cyber security.

It’s one of many ways that we can work together with other stakeholders to stay ahead of the game.  The European Commission has designed its own approach via the European Cybersecurity Strategy and by drafting the first pan-European legislation on cybersecurity, the Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive.  As the legislative discussion heats up in the Council, I have outlined Cisco’s perspective on this important issue in this short video:





Chris Gow

Senior Director, EU Public Policy

Government Affairs