Cisco Statement on FCC Decision to Regulate the Internet

February 26, 2015 - 1 Comment

“When the FCC Chairman’s office originally unveiled open Internet rules last year, Cisco cheered the proposal, because we support an open Internet and believe that balanced rules that protect consumers and prevent anti-competitive behavior are necessary and appropriate.

Unfortunately, the rules adopted by the FCC today bear little resemblance to the original proposal. They impose far-reaching Title II regulation on Internet access and services. We believe this will inhibit investment in wired and wireless broadband and limit consumer choice in new and innovative services relating to telemedicine, distance learning, and the Internet of Everything.

Over the coming days and weeks, we will study the new rules to see how they impact broadband investment. But we view the decision to impose heavy-handed regulation, rather than a balanced approach, as a missed opportunity.

Ultimately, this issue will be decided by the Courts and Congress, which will have the final say on the matter.”

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  1. It’s only a power grab. Nothing less, and nothing more. The federal government and FCC have no interest in creating a more “free and open” internet. Unless of course, you’re suggesting the same federal government that was exposed by whistleblowers to have vast surveillance and spying programs through the NSA, actually cares about whether you’re free or “saving money.” If they cared about saving you money, you would think they would move to reduce taxes across the board.

    No, it’s solely about control.