At Cisco we strive to align our strategy, content, and offerings to the top trends happening in the industry. To help us do this effectively, we use the tool we entitled the Cisco Portfolio Explorer. The Cisco Portfolio Explorer divides each industry into various themes and use cases that are revisited and updated each year by our industry experts. The annual update for the Cisco Portfolio Explorer for financial services has just been released, and financial services had a few changes as you’ll read below.

Overall, the themes are still relatively same as last year:

  1. Customer experience
  2. Workplace transformation
  3. Security and compliance
  4. Intelligent operations

The four themes cover primary areas of financial services operations.  These themes cover your end customer, employees, security, and IT infrastructure. This year compliance was added due to increasing regulatory environment in the industry across the world and also based on conversations with clients.

Within each theme you will find two to four use cases that dive deeper, explaining the business and technical application in the industry. There are a total of 11 uses cases and because there can be some overlap amongst the use cases, we encourage you to not think of them as mutually exclusive. Make sure to check out the four overview tabs within each use which include general, business, technical, and partnerships overviews. Besides lots of useful information and diagrams find customer stories for the respective use cases.

Some years we have major updates and some years it is minor updates.  Besides a few nomenclature changes this year the biggest changes are the addition of two new use cases: contact center and e-communication compliance. In addition, sovereign cloud was added to the hybrid and multi cloud use case.

Two of the next financial services blogs will respectively go into details about the two new uses cases (contact center and e-communication compliance), the industry context, and how Cisco can help.

Another addition to the Portfolio Explorer is the related solutions drop down. With this option quickly find use cases tied to solutions from Cloud Management for Catalyst to Firewall.  We have highlighted use cases that have a higher level of sustainability embedded in them.

Check out Cisco Portfolio Explorer for financial services today and come back in a few weeks to read more in-depth about the new use cases!



Adam Neiberg

Global Industry Marketing Manager