Financial institutions need to place cloud at the center of their corporate IT transformation strategy.  Cloud is where technologies are converging, and products and solutions are being innovated.  Whether public, private, hybrid or multi-cloud, financial institutions go with different cloud strategies that make sense for their organization.

As such, central IT needs to play these three key roles in this transformation decision and implementation for financial institutions:

  1. Support the branch banking network
  2. Enable customers to transact from any device and on any network
  3. Allow staff to do their job effectively no matter where they choose to work from

A leading Asian bank realized this and wanted to pave its way to the model future state. They decided to work with Cisco because we understood its infrastructure and brought the expertise, technologies, and solutions to further their journey by leveraging our own portfolio of solutions as well as enabling them to weave solutions by other vendors into their IT fabric.

By building a hybrid multi-cloud IT fabric, the Asian bank was able to do all this:

  • Gain better visibility and observability across length and breadth of their IT environment
  • Ensure superior security
  • Leverage automation capabilities to optimize cost as well as performance

See how these enhancements have turned this Asian financial institution into a model for future state of IT.  Read the full story from Vish Iyer, “What cloud success looks like for one of Asia’s largest banks.”


Adam Neiberg

Global Industry Marketing Manager