Did you miss some of the great financial services customer success stories Cisco produced in 2023? These stories are a testament to clients achieving their goals with Cisco at their side. The stories cut across institutions, big and small, geographies and architectures.

Below is a short summary of all the new 2023 financial services customer success stories. If you want to learn more about them, then click the title to read the full story. These are in English but occasionally we do have stories translated into other languages or completed in another language solely. Also at Cisco conferences and events we often have customers present but unfortunately most of the time these presentations are not turned into formal customer stories, but alas we have the following new 11 stories from 2023.


2023 Financial Services Customer Success Stories

How Deutsche Börse Is Transforming Its Digital Future

Solution: ThousandEyes

Deutsche Börse Group, an international exchange organization, manages around 150 IT applications covering the entire financial market transaction process. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they utilized ThousandEyes to identify user connectivity issues for remote workers and resolve denial-of-service attacks. As a pioneer of digital transformation, the company is moving more business processes to the cloud, aiming to be among the first European companies to have a core financial system cloud-based.


Banco Millennium Atlântico: charts new digital path with Cisco HyperFlex Systems

Solution: HyperFlex

To achieve its digital strategy, Banco Millennium Atlântico replaced their legacy infrastructure with Cisco HyperFlex Systems, significantly improving management, security, flexibility, and scalability. The switch allowed Atlântico to consolidate servers and racks, saving costs and space, while also enhancing performance and redundancy across their data centers. This simplification allowed staff to focus on strategic initiatives like application development and cloud operations, and enabled the creation of a private cloud with self-service capabilities.


FAB: Improving availability and performance of customer-facing applications with Cisco Full-Stack Observability (FSO)

Solution: Full-Stack Observability

First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB), the UAE’s largest bank, prioritizes customer-focused services and progress. FAB embarked on a digital transformation, leveraging Cisco’s AppDynamics and ThousandEyes to monitor 180+ applications, significantly boosting service availability and reducing downtime. Their shift towards a DevOps mindset aims to enhance customer experiences further, emphasizing proactive monitoring and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.


BNP Paribas Personal Finance brings financial dreams to life

Solution: AppDynamics

BNP Paribas Personal Finance has improved its customer service quality by using Cisco AppDynamics to monitor and optimize its loan application process. The solution provides visibility across more than 50 IT workflows, allowing the team to identify and resolve issues five times faster than before. As a result, the bank can maintain its standard of processing and responding to every customer’s request in 30 seconds or less, even during peak demand periods like Black Friday.


PREMIER Bankcard invests in exceptional customer service and online experience

Solution: AppDynamics

First PREMIER Bank partnered with AppDynamics and Xigent to monitor their banking and corporate websites and troubleshoot online, mobile, and call-center experiences. This initiative has resulted in improved visibility of IT performance and quicker problem resolution, transforming their IT operations. Notably, it has also led to enhancements in the bank’s website, call centers, and the successful relaunch of its mobile app. Moving forward, PREMIER plans to extend this visibility to its cloud environment.


AIA Makes Hybrid Work Possible

Solution: IP telephony

AIA China, with offices across the country, switched to IP telephony from traditional phone systems for cost-effective communication. Initially, they faced issues with outdated software and slow updates from a different vendor. Evaluating their needs, they turned to Cisco for cutting-edge, regularly updated technology and improved support. The transition to Cisco also significantly reduced costs. Amid pandemic-induced remote work, the Cisco solution supports a flexible hybrid model, enhancing user experience and further saving costs, prompting consideration of permanent hybrid work.


How NEXT Insurance Found the Best Way to Keep Pace with the Modern Work Environment

Solution: Meraki

NEXT Insurance, a leading digital insurtech company, enhanced its IT infrastructure by integrating Cisco Meraki, overcoming issues with slow Wi-Fi connectivity. The technology provided stable wireless connections, remote maintenance capabilities, improved security, and significantly reduced in-office internet connection issues. The ability to perform remote maintenance saved thousands of hours, and the system’s stability improved productivity and employee satisfaction.


Embracing hybrid transformation across a growing enterprise

Solution: Webex suite

Broadridge, a global fintech provider, has streamlined its hybrid work transformation using the Webex Suite to create a remote-first work environment. This has enabled seamless collaboration, improved user experiences, and significant cost savings. The company also leverages Webex’s artificial intelligence capabilities for real-time language translation, enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion. With the help of Webex Control Hub, Broadridge can track system performance and provide valuable metrics to its leadership team.


JazzCash transforms digital financial platform experience with Cisco AppDynamics

Solution: AppDynamics

JazzCash, Pakistan’s largest digital wallet, uses Cisco AppDynamics to monitor its services. The observability solution enables JazzCash to analyze data across its entire stack, improving user experience and business performance. It helps the company identify patterns, trends, and anomalies, enabling quick issue resolution. Furthermore, the tool allows JazzCash to track end-user journeys and develop new offers and promotions. As a result, JazzCash has not experienced any glitches and downtime has been virtually eliminated.


Ensuring availability and quality of financial services with AppDynamics

Solution: AppDynamics

Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS has improved its customer-facing application performance and automated reporting processes using AppDynamics. The solution allows the company to easily monitor application performance, analyze performance issues, and manage system operations more effectively. By providing real-time visibility into application performance, the system has streamlined collaboration between the operation and development teams. The company plans to further expand the use of AppDynamics to gain more insights into customer service usage and business impacts.


Helping a leading UK bank integrate Facebook Messenger into its customer contact strategy

Solution: Webex CPaaS

This UK High Street bank wanted to incorporate Facebook Messenger into their contact center’s customer support strategy as the customer experience journey through the contact center was pivotal. Webex CPaaS solutions helped reduce call volume and increase positive feedback all while allowing customers to get instant support through one of their favorite messaging channels.


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