As we look back on 2020, the pandemic has proven to be a clear digitization accelerator—especially in areas critical to COVID-19 response. Companies within the financial sector are going beyond the lobby and into the cloud.

Some of the key benefits of embracing a cloud-managed IT solution include a decrease in time to market thanks to automation and zero-touch provisioning, the ability to simplify visibility and troubleshoot while helping IT teams get ahead of issues, and the ability to focus extra time and budget on resources and business-critical projects.

Managing safe migration to the cloud has never been more important. At Cisco Meraki, our cloud-based platform enables agility, scale, and simplification for financial institutions big and small. As we look ahead to 2021, a few key areas of focus stand out.

Meet the secure branch of the future

Providing reliable, secure connectivity while turning data into intelligent insights about how your branch infrastructure is operating—and how it can operate better—is critical. This includes improving your customer experience and engaging with them in new ways from the moment they enter the branch. For example, consider personalizing customer engagements through digital and in-branch resources, then leverage collected insights to inform and improve customer experience.   

Manage video analytics intelligently

IoT cameras and sensors combined with Meraki Insight are a powerful tool to effectively manage security, while ensuring a safe customer experience. They allow you to: 

  • Manage video analytics intelligently
  • Maintain social distancing protocols
  • Eliminate outdated hardware

Cloud-based team support

Today’s new normal has required businesses to rethink how to help their employees collaborate safely while working from remote locations. These cloud-based solutions are helping companies support their off-site workforce. Some examples include safe remote access for payments, insurance claims, and loan approvals—all while maintaining policy compliance. Teams are able to connect to a secure network from any location for mission-critical and sensitive data.

All in all, the shift to cloud-managed IT solutions has proven to be beneficial for companies within the financial sector. As we look ahead to 2021, security and analytics will continue to be key considerations for change. To learn more about Cisco Meraki and the solutions offered to companies ranging from small businesses to enterprises, check out the Cisco Meraki Product Overview page.


Joe Himinkool

Marketing Manager