Did you know? October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. In today’s complex threat landscape, cybersecurity vulnerabilities are practically everywhere.

Between the explosion of IoT devices, flood of applications, and massive increase in digital transactions of all kinds, there has never been a better, or more important, time to educate yourself on cybersecurity and threat prevention, both at home and in the workplace.

This month provides a focused opportunity for government and industry (including financial services firms like yours) to come together with a comprehensive set of best practices for businesses and individuals to protect themselves online.

But, where to start? Addressing cybersecurity challenges can be complex, but it starts with one very simple step: awareness. 


Get started with these tools to improve your cybersecurity awareness


1. Learn Cisco’s Top 10 Tips to Improve your Cyber Hygiene

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3. Download the 2019 National Cybersecurity Awareness Month ToolKit from NICCS for messaging, articles, and social media tools for your business.

4. Explore the Cisco Cybersecurity Report Series to learn how new technology can change the conversation about the importance of threat hunting.

5. Visit the Cisco Financial Services Portfolio Explorer to see how Cisco can help you solve your biggest security challenges.