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Introducing New Cisco DNA-Ready Platform

November 8, 2016 - 6 Comments

Holidays seem to come earlier every year in the U.S. One could see Christmas decorations up inside major retailers even before Halloween. Very soon, a series of American and Ethnic holidays will be upon us, and Tis the Season of Giving. For this holidays season, as you search for a gift that will keep on giving back to your organization, check out a new member of our “Swiss Army Knife” Cisco ISR 4000 collection, the ISR 4221.

Not Just Any Swiss Army Knife

Often coined as the “Swiss Army Knife” of branch networking by customers, Cisco ISR 4000 Series is praised for its versatility and adaptability all in one box – very much like the pocket utility knife. Its performance, scale and rich feature sets are best in class. For these reasons, Cisco ISR 4000 also earns the marquee: Rolls-Royce of All-in-One Branch Networking – see Three-time Award Winner. The ISR 4221 is no different: small, but mighty. 

A Gift that Keeps on Giving

What’s New? The ISR 4221 is mightier than the ISR G2, vis-à-vis ISR 1921 and 1941. It is a desktop-like, industrially designed 1RU box priced cost-effectively for mid-markets.

ISR 4221 Key Highlights:

  1. It meets all digital network requirements – see Figure 1

network requirements for the digital org Anna blog post 11_8_16

Figure 1: Benefits of Migrating to ISR 4000. Learn more.

2.  With respect to performance, the ISR 4221 kicks it up a notch with throughput starting at 35 and upgradeable up to 75 Mbps.
3.  Despite a 1RU form factor, this economical “Swiss Army Knife” has unmatched values in its class for a few reasons:

a.  It has multi-services support for SD-WAN and is programmable and automated   with APIC-EM controller and IWAN app for consistent business-driven and policy-based operations across network domains.
b.  It is an application-aware platform complete with Intelligent Path Control (PfR), application visibility (NBAR2) and Network Contention Control (H/QoS).
c.  It comes with Cisco IOS built-in security features for complete branch threat defense, such as Zone-based Firewall, FirePOWER Threat Defense, Network Address Translation (NAT), and IPSec VPN.
d.  It is a standard-based Linux virtualization platform. With Linux Virtual Container (LXC), signed network service like Snort IPS can be spun up as virtual machine any time.
e.  It is equipped with up to 2×8 integrated switch ports – a true all-in-one platform – for pop-up or micro branches where the average square footage is as little as 350-sf.
f.  It supports IPv6 and legacy WAN connectivity, such as 3G/4G Cat4 LTE, for IoT use cases such as ATM/Kiosk or industrial environments without dedicated MPLS transport.

For in-depth details, check out ISR 4000 Model Comparison page.

Priced competitively, order ability is available beginning mid-November. The ISR 4221 will ship with latest Cisco IOS-XE release. Learn more via the following resources:

  • Tune in to Cisco Champion Radio to hear Dax Choksi and Lauren Friedman discuss key highlights about the ISR 4221.
  • Watch a replay of Cisco Live Cancun new product introduction PSO session (PSOCRS-2221) with Shankarnarayan Dharmarajan and also see a live demo of the new WebUI.
  • – for your perusal, view a collection of collaterals about ISR 4221: At-a-Glance, Data Sheet, and FAQ

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  1. When is the ISR4221 going to be orderable in CCW?

    • The 4221 should be orderable in CCW already.

      • I tried to configure one yesterday for a customer and it was not there but it is today so thank you for fixing that. I have quite a few customer that can utilize this platform. Thanks again. 🙂

  2. The link to the FAQ at the bottom looks to be an internal only link:

    The 4221 looks like it has good use cases but it’s quite odd that it doesn’t have a USB serial port. Is Cisco abandoning the concept of USB-Serial and going back to RJ45 consoles again?

    • Hi Reuben – 1) the FAQ link is fixed. Try again. 2) The 4221 ISR does have 1 USB-type A along with combo RJ-45 ports.

  3. This is brilliant i give 5 star this is awesome