Utilities across the globe are telling us that cybersecurity risks and protecting data from intrusion and manipulation are among their highest concerns. To shed light on this critical topic, we are hosting a #CiscoChat to learn how utilities are approaching their cybersecurity strategies on Wednesday, December 7th at 10AM PDT/1PM EDT.


I’ll be joining Patrick Miller, Edna Conway, Marc Blackmer, Eric Ehlers, Jon Judson, Jon Stanford, John Reno, and our moderator @Cisco_IoT as we discuss these questions:

  • What are the main threats that Utilities today face in cybersecurity?
  • How are Utilities addressing industrial cybersecurity challenges?
  • What levels of security have you applied to your substation control infrastructure?
  • How are utilities planning against attacks and vulnerabilities?
  • How can you mitigate risk introduced by the increasingly connected grid, IoT and IP-based sensors and assets, and the vulnerabilities introduced via the supply chain, your vendors, and customer endpoints?
  • Aside from technology, what else should utility companies be doing to manage risk?


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  • Open a second window to the Twitter homepage to create your responses to the chat
  • The Chat moderator @CiscoIoT will begin welcoming guests at 10AM PDT/1PM EDT and will start questions after intros are done. Introduce yourself to us and the other attendees! Funny memes and photos from the event are encouraged
  • Be sure to use the #CiscoChat hashtag at the end of each tweet, so that others can find your contributions to the discussion. Refresh the page over the course of the chat to see all the responses
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  • Prepare any links or images you want to share during the discussion in advance of the chat

Feel free to bring your own questions to the discussion as well. See you there!

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Jon Judson

Marketing Manager

Industry Marketing